Incorporated in 1975, Northeast Riggers Inc. specializes in rigging and millwright services. In addition to rigging, hauling, assembling and/or disassembling machinery and equipment, Northeast Riggers offers receiving and shipping services from any of it’s (4) locations, totaling 80,000+ square feet of warehouse space.

We Provide mobilized crane services, long and short haul trucking services, preventive maintenance services, and we are a certified specialty skid and crate manufacturer in accordance with ISPM 15 standards for overseas shipping.

Northeast Industries

2020 Facility Services no longer offers the general contracting services provided by Northeast Industries. If inquiring about past business dealings with Northeast Industries or are in need of future general contracting / construction services please contact our main office in Farmington, CT and our team will steer you in the right direction.

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Northeast Riggers - Rigging & Crane Services

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